Villain's cinnabar mole (time to wear)

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Su Xiuyue forced herself to straighten up, her eyes were in a trance, but her ears seemed to hear the sound of "stepping, stepping..". But in the blink of an eye, her slender waist was picked up by the man on the horse. Lord Su, are you all right? With a smile in his dark eyes, he looked at Su Xiuyue, whose white forehead was covered with fine sweat. "I haven't seen you for a few days," he said in a deep voice. "Your Excellency is getting clearer and clearer." Su Xiuyue Leng Leng, the body's discomfort slightly eased, she gently lifted her wrist, the red ribbon actually brightened some.. Could it be In addition to Rong Jue's love value, can anyone else? No, she suddenly remembered that when she went out, Su Fu's little girl's adoring eyes. At that time, the red brocade belt did not change at all. Su Xiuyue twisted her palm. I'm afraid the source of love value is limited to the protagonist of the world. But the male host and the villain, is precisely the good and evil center character, she quietly gathers the eye, whispers: "minister..". Have you seen the prince? 。” With a nod of his head, he held the man in his arms and dismounted. His thin lips were gently raised. He was so familiar that he lifted his sleeve to wipe away the sweat for Su Xiuyue. "Why should Lord Su be an outsider? When you and I were classmates in the past, you called me Ah." Su Xiuyue retreated quietly, made a simple ceremony, and solemnly said, "Your Royal Highness is not what he used to be. I..". I dare not be abrupt 。” "Just, just." He took his horse and tied it to the pagoda tree in front of the Wenyuan Pavilion. He looked back and said with a smile, "After all, I have finally convinced my father. Lord Su, should you come to teach in the mansion tomorrow?" "Naturally, I will obey the emperor's orders." Su Xiuyue lowered her head slightly. The new crown prince, Rong Jue, was twenty-two years old this year. He was the eldest son of the emperor. Two years ago, Rong Jue was deposed. As a matter of course,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, he ascended the throne of the crown prince. In the past, he had studied with the original owner in the Imperial College and had a deep friendship. Yung always cherishes his talent and admires the original owner, but he has never had a love affair between men and women. For one thing, he has no habit of breaking his sleeves. For another, he had an unforgettable lover when he was young. Su Xiuyue withdrew her thoughts, she learned from the memory of the original owner, but did not dare to conclude whether it was true or not. What a person sees is always partial, and it may be very different from another angle. If he has no intention of the original owner, how can he change the red ribbon on his wrist? "What are you thinking about, Lord Su?" Rong Yan patted Su Xiuyue on the shoulder and naturally put his arms around her. He lowered his head and gazed at her and said with a smile, "Wenyuan Pavilion, let's go in together." Su Xiuyue dodged subconsciously. She glanced at the shops in the distance, but there was nothing, but.. She frowned lightly. The feeling of being watched cannot be faked. Rong Jue, in the end do not trust her. In the Wenyuan Pavilion, the literati and refined scholars gathered together, and today it was surprisingly lively. Su Xiuyue approached behind Rong Kui, ceramic igniter electrodes ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and the sound in front of her was endless. It turned out that the crowd was improvising a poem around a picture scroll hanging high, which was euphemistically called poetry for beauty. Wenyuan Pavilion has always advocated that there is a golden house in the book, and there is a beautiful face in the book. At the end of every month, there will be such activities, and the winner will either get gold or be painted with beauty. Su Xiuyue stood outside the crowd and looked at the bottom of her eyes with a flash of surprise. In the painting, the woman's eyebrows were like distant mountains and her eyes were like autumn water. The worst thing is. It was seven or eight points similar to her body. Chapter 5 when the Emperor was young. Ladies and gentlemen, the beauty in the painting.. It's called sandalwood 。” Su Xiuyue Leng Leng, unexpectedly really so coincidentally, sandalwood, sandalwood.. She is so similar to the original owner. What does it matter? Lord Sue.. Help me 。” He suddenly lowered his voice. He held Su Xiuyue's hand tightly, but his eyes persistently stopped on the portrait: "Lord Su, she looks like the dead Aro.." exactly the same. Su Xiuyue nodded slightly, and a Ruo was the woman in Rong Su's heart. Your Highness, I will do my best. Su Xiuyue pulled her hand away without a trace. Fortunately, she inherited the memory and ability of the original owner. She hesitated a little and raised her sleeve to write, which attracted people's amazement again and again. Someone even joked, "Mr. Su is here. Let's break up." Naturally, he won the first prize again. The head of Wenyuan Pavilion led Su Xiuyue and Rong Yu to the top floor. He lifted the beaded curtain and gave a delicate salute to the beauty sandalwood, who was still holding the lute half-covered. "My daughter..". I have seen two sons. 。
” Rong's heart tightened, even his voice was not bad at all, and he almost thought that the sandalwood in front of him was a Ruo. Mr. Su, please come with me again. The head of Wenyuan Pavilion said goodbye to Rong Kui and wanted to lead Su Xiuyue to fetch the Lantian jade chess pieces sent from Yunnan. Su Xiuyue nodded and turned to Rong Kui, saying, "Your Royal Highness, I beg to retire." Good.. Lord Su We'll talk about it another day. "I remember." Su Xiuyue's words fall away, but the bottom of my heart is faintly uneasy, the appearance of sandalwood.. It's more like a deliberate arrangement than a coincidence. 。“ Mr. Su, please. The master pushed the door open and reached out to see him off, but he stayed outside the room. Su Xiuyue gently lifted her feet, and before she crossed the threshold and landed, her waist suddenly tightened. She looked down and saw that her waist was locked by the crimson silk. Su Xiuyue was stunned, and the whole person was suddenly pulled by the silk and flew into the dim light. Taifu, "Rong Jue caught her, shattered her silk, and her eyes were tinged with a narrow smile." This palace said.. Next time, we're gonna see blood. 。” He easily tore off the official clothes on Su Xiuyue's shoulder and bit them hard, and the beautiful hand did not stop, teasing her waist, causing a tremor of numbness. Body instinctively painful and happy, Su Xiuyue frowned, these two.. The waist had been held by Rong before. The shoulder had been held by Rong before. If there was no accident, she looked at her left hand. The left hand, which had been held by Rong before, was a little worried. Taifu, this palace has said.. "Rong Jue loosened his mouth and wiped the blood from his lips. He fell on Su Xiuyue's ear and murmured:" I said it. Even if I don't like what I touched, I can't allow others to touch it. " Su Xiuyue seemed frightened to the extreme. She shook her head repeatedly and said timidly, "Your Highness, I dare not forget." "Very good." Rong Jue chuckled and asked, "Taifu, do you like the mark of this palace?" He lifted Su Xiuyue's shoulder and slipped off his clothes, and his delicate face rippled with hope for praise. Shoulder burning pain, Su Xiuyue calm heart finally impatient,10g Ozone Generator, but.. A little forbearance confuses a great plan. She gritted her teeth and said shyly, "Of course, I like it.". 。 global-ceramics.com


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